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Big enough to handle, small enough to care!

Toolserv is a service provider. We are nimble and focused to provide solutions for our customers. Along with a variety of industry leading suppliers, we have a wide base of experience and knowledge in our team. Together that makes us able to execute beyond expectation, on any delivery to the oilfield market. 

Toolserv is divided into five segments: Sales, Rental, Workshop, Welding and Engineering.

The sales segment is primarily focused on downhole accessories such as completion tools, centralizers and reamer shoes. In addition to other and casing accessories.

Rental segment focuses on standard 3rd party equipment like x-over, pups, stabilisators, washpipe and casing handling equipment as well as clean out mills from Toolserv.

Under Workshop services you will find everything from bucking to repair, pressure testing, maintenance and logistics services.

Our Engineering department design, prototype and test all types of oilfield related equipment with a central focus on downhole tools.



Released the ATL tool



Started supplying cement accessories and drillbits.

Established a rental pool



Developed the Screen Saver Valve

Established welding department through acquisition



Opened up our own engineering department

Toolserv was founded

as a maintenance and repair workshop to serve a successful local service company


Toolserv workshop and administration


To enhance and support well constructions through robust and innovative solutions.



To apply best practices to the oil and gas industry, create value for our shareholders and provide cost efficiency for our customers.



Integrity – Decisive – Work Ethics – Execute

The company is a coalition of experienced oil field personnel and mechanics whose wide-ranging backgrounds offer a diverse skill-set. By ordering services from Toolserv you will get all required maintenance for your tools through one supplier.

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