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With the business and entrepreneurship mind-set of Toolserv, the engineering group was established on the synergies and benefits we believe can be gained through the integration of operations, design and engineering. Technological and operational competence, combined with an understanding of the end users need, obtained through close dialogue throughout the process, will invariably end up in creation of useful solutions.


The Engineering department in Toolserv is the birthplace of several successful developments such as the Scree Saver Valve, the Adjustable Torque Limiter and the Indexing Tool.

A focus on product and process technology alone will never be sufficient for success.

With a clean slate, and an aim to take on challenges with a novel, uninhibited approach instead of attempting to retrofit existing products and outmoded practices.

We use state of the art 3D design software, producing a fast conceptual output in a format readable by all, to ensure ease of collaboration towards the solution. Followed by a top down approach to detailed design and a bottom up process leading to the final solution and product. If you have a problem that requires an innovative solution then get in touch with Toolserv to start the conversation.

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