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Longhorn Casing Tools

FillDrill  -  

The Fill Drill was designed to provide mechanical rotation at the shoe to address obstacles that interfere with getting your production string to TD.

Featuring all steel construction, the tool is designed to provide 5 revolutions per stroke to facilitate cutting, reaming and agitation of fill and debris. It excels at deflecting off ledges, washouts and doglegs by re-orientating the bit to find the path of least resistance to bypass these obstacles.


By using a simple, well engineered design and quality manufacturing, the Fill Drill provides an effective, efficient and reliable solution without sacrificing quality or strength. By design, it is the strongest part of any casing string, and that equates to peace of mind for our clients. It is a cost-effective staple for many Oil and Gas majors.

Applications: Production Casing

Type: Non-Drillable

The Auto-Set
Spring Loaded, Non-Drillable

Casing Landing – Production Casing, Screens and Slotted Liner

The Auto-Set was developed to assist running casing and liners in applications where it is not possible to induce hydraulic pressure to the bit, or where circulating through the casing is impossible.


By incorporating a high tensile spring, the tool is rest to the open position by simply lifting the string, rather than through hydraulic pressure.


The Auto-Set has been used in SAGD, polymer flood, screens, slotted liner and lost circulation applications to excellent results, and can be used in any application that does not require the tool to be drilled out.


The Auto-Set is also perfect for Single and Multi-Stage packer completions. Additionally, the tool can be customized to be fully sealed to prevent the migration of sand, cuttings and paraffins through the tool during the casing run or once the well is open for production.



Applications: Production Casing, Screens, Slotted Liners, Multi-Stage Packers, SAGD, Lost Circulation Zones

Type: Spring Loaded, Non-Drillable

The Stubby – PDC Drillable

Casing Landing –Surface, Intermediate, Production

After the success and early adoption of the Fill Drill, a demand for a PDC drillable version arose for surface and intermediate casing strings. The Stubby was developed to meet this demand. With internals made from industrial grade aluminum alloy and dense bronze, the stroke length was reduced to minimize the drill-out time and amount of drillable material in the tool.


It is this adaptation which gave the Stubby its name.

Despite the change in material, the Stubby series of casing landing tools is very robust, andis still the strongest part of the casing string. An integral mandrel sleeve was added to act as a drilling guide, as well as to keep the tool complete once the internals have been removed.


The components are designed to re-center the PDC bit at every connection, facilitating a smooth drill-out and eliminating the potential to damage the PDC bit. The 7” Stubby quickly became our strongest seller, and has over 200 runs to date. It boasts an impressive 99.2% success rates at landing casing at TD,


Pitted against coal seams, swelling shales, surface gravel, shifting sands, doglegs, ledges and washouts world-wide.


Applications: Surface, Intermediate & Production Casing


Type: PDC Drillable


Sizes: 4.5”, 5”, 5.5”, 6 5/8”, 7”, 7 5/8”, 8 5/8”, 9 5/8”, 13 3/8”


Customized sizing available upon request

Auto-Set External –Spring Loaded, PDC Drillable

Casing Landing –Surface, Intermediate, Production

The Auto-Set External is a continuation of the Auto-Set line of spring loaded tools. A hybrid between the popular Stubby series and Auto-set series, the Auto-Set external is capable of handling any situation or application that can be encountered as part of your casing plan.


By moving the spring to the tool OD, between the bit and the sleeve, it is isolated from contact with the drill bit, making the tool completely PDC drillable. The internal components are ruggedly constructed from industrial aluminum and bronze, and like the Stubby, the stroke length is reduced to minimize drill-out time and the amount of drillable material. Like the non-drillable version, the tool allows full circulation, although it is not required for tool function.

During drill-out, the integrated sleeve acts like a drilling guide, preventing the bit from deviating from the drill-out path, while keeping the tool integral once the internals have been removed. Our drillable bits and the aluminum mandrel contain a locking spline mechanism that prevents the mandrel from rotating during drill-out. It is the perfect tool to run in production applications where it may be necessary to increase the length of the production string in the future.

Applications: Surface, Intermediate and Production Casing, Screens, Slotted Liners, Multi-Stage Packers, SAGD, Lost Circulation Zones


Type: Spring Loaded, PDC Drillable


Sizes: 4.5”, 5”, 5.5”, 6 5/8”, 7”


Customized sizing available upon request

The Orbiter

Powered Centralizer for Complete Cementing

The Orbiter is a mechanically powered centralizer designed to place your cement where it needs to be. When cementing in directional wells, the casing is usually laying on the bottom of the wellbore due to gravity, causing the cement to take the path of least resistance; typically, that mean the cement moving across the top of the casing string.


When the Orbiter is strategically placed in the casing string, simple reciprocation of the string causes the Orbiter to rotate, physically moving the cement 360° around the casing string, effectively creating a solid wall of cement. As a result, the cement fully encapsulates the casing string, mitigating gas migration and communication between zones.

In the field, the Orbiter sleeve is simply slid over standard casing and held firmly in place using set screws. The centralizer portion of the Orbiter rotates around the helical groove in the sleeve, creating 3 full revolutions per stroke, each way. In 100% of our runs to date, this has led to a perfect cement bond log in the intervals of interest, preventing wells from prematurely watering off, and preventing gas from migrating to surface to be vented to atmosphere.

In Casing-While-Drilling (CWD) applications, studies have shown that the Orbiter improves the strength of the casing string, adding additional benefit to the CWD plan. In conventional applications, the Orbiter can be utilized to help keep cuttings suspended in the drilling fluid, allowing it to be circulated to surface easily rather then falling off in the build section.

Applications: Surface, Intermediate & Production Casing

Type: Cementation Solutions

Sizes: 4.5”, 5”, 5.5”, 7”, 7 5/8”, 8 5/8”, 9 5/8”

Casing shoe range

The Longhorn Casing Tools can be delivered with a range of Bits, tailored to the clients need.


A selection of these are: 

The Negotiator is delivered with the non-drillable tools. Is has a tapered bit shape provides deflection for ledges and doglegs, and excellent bridge clearing


•Tungsten carbide tipped

•4 circulation ports


The Rhino Bit has eccentric bit shape provides deflection for extreme ledges, doglegs and washouts, and effective hole clearing and reaming.


•3600 OD reaming

•320 offset taper for increased deflection

•Angled ports to aid in cutting removal

The Casing Pilot was designed to be a drillable replacement for the Negotiator bit.


•6 Tungsten carbide tipped blades

•160 Taper for deflection

•Built from solid 660 bronze

If you would like to know more about Longhorn Casing Tools, please contact the Toolserv sales team, or visit Longhorn`s website in the link below. 

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