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Maxwell Oil Tools


  • Very low friction coefficient

  • High wear resistance but casing friendly

  • Rotate with pipe

  • Flexibility of design allows the optimal solution for each situation

  • Low impact geometry for restrictions / obstructions

  • Very robust Construction – High Mechanical properties

  • Can be installed with staggered placement to give optimal fluid bypass

  • Non-metallic and Inert

  • Millable and Drillable

  • No stop collars or set screws


  • Close Tolerance

  • ECD Management / fragile formations

  • ERD Wells

  • Sidetracks & Multilaterals

  • Expandables

  • Predrilled / Slotted Liner

  • Chrome, alloy Stainless steel pipe

  • Casing Drilling

  • Conductor Casing

  • Riser Centralizers

  • Tubing

  • Stop Collars

Maxwell Oil Tools is a manufacturer of composite centralizers and other tools used in drilling and other tubular applications. Maxwell`s revolutionary Multilayer Composite Components (MCC™) technology combines high wear resistance with extremely low friction factors. Superior fluid bypass technology addresses many centralization and casing run challenges associated with todays increased well complexity.

The MCC technology can be utilized both as centralizers and Drill Pipe protectors. 

HELIX™ Offset Centralizer

This 3-piece composite centralizer is precisely engineered with your well bore specifications in mind. Its design prevents debris from accumulating in front of the centralizer. This reduced drag drastically increases overall efficiency for casing placement.


Conventional centralizers restrict flow while pushing debris downhole during the casing run. The 3-piece composite centralizer allows unrestricted fluid flow as well as better debris dispersal resulting in lower ECD values. This improved circulation increases fluid distribution for a perfect cement job every time.


Incorporating Maxwell’s HELIX™ Offset Centralizer with your casing string reduces friction and drag, increases fluid flow, and improves efficiency for casing placement and cementing


MAXLOCK™ is a 2-part composite centralizer providing excellent economic valvue due to reduced material and faster installation.

  • Can be installed after other eqiupment is installed on casing.

  • Same advantages as HELIX™ except for the optimized fluid bypass.


SCREENSAVER™ utilizes the low friction MCC® Technology to provide a solution in running screens & packers in horizontal completions, where getting the completion equipment to TD is a concern.

The pad surface area is engineered to optimize weight distribution, SREENSAVER™ will not dig into formation/cuttings bed. The staggered pads minimize any restriction to annular flow and avoid building up of debris while running in horizontal sections. 

Advantages of running the SCREENSAVER are:

  • Low Friction

  • High wear resistance

  • Non corrosive

  • Maximizes Fluid bypass

  • Can be installed between screen/packer element and coupling.

MAXDRILL™ F – Fixed Drillpipe Protector

The MAXDRILL™ F is a low friction, highly abrasion resistant, all composite drillpipe protector. The two parts are bonded in place, axially and radially, by injecting a modified structural epoxy system into a profiled cavity between part and drillpipe body, thereby eliminating the need for collars or screw mechanisms.

Once installed, the tools rotate with the pipe and may act as an impeller as well as providing casing and drillpipe protection.

  • Lower friction factors

  • Lower casing and material wear

  • Doubles as a hole cleaner as pipe rotates

  • All-composite materials

  • Worn outer parts can be removed & replaced

The system is field proven and shows excellent results even under very aggressive drilling conditions.

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