NAVIC Engineering


Statoil (currently Equinor), not being able to find a device on the market that would meet the technical requirements of the Gudrun platform, asked us to design a special conductor centraliser. In addition to a number of standard requirements, the device had to be able to be installed when the conductor was closed with a Starterhead.

The main task of the centraliser is to centre the conductor with the drill hole axis, to keep it stable in this position while the platform is running, and at the same time to allow movement along the hole axis to compensate for movements caused by wind and sea waves.

The high level of customer satisfaction with our work on the technical design resulted in the extension of the contract by commissioning us to produce 9 centering sets together with their installation on the Gudrun platform.


The selection of appropriate materials, tolerances, anti-corrosion protection and the precise execution of centralisers allowed us to give the user a 15-year warranty.

The customer’s satisfaction with our product is evidenced by the fact that after 8 years of failure-free operation of the first delivery, the customer decided to order more centralisers.

Navic have a unique ability to customize conductor centralization solutions to suit your needs. Either you are planning future developments or need to protect existing equipment and infrastructure.

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