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Casing accessories ready to go!

Are you aware that Toolserv holds stock of centralizers and float equipment in our warehouse at Forus?

To secure timely delivery of equipment Toolserv and Vulcan have stocked up the most common sizes.

The PHAZER™ : ECO is a fabricated steel solid body gauge hole centralizer suitable for intermediate wellbores.

The PHAZER™ : SR is a one piece heavy duty centralizer that has been specifically designed for gauge hole centralization, offering 100% stand-off.

If you need a friction reducing centralizer for you challenging ERD wells we have the PHAZER™ : Z is a low friction zinc alloy solid body centralizer designed specifically to reduce torque and drag in ERD wellbores.

PROBE™ : RS - The Next Generation in Reaming Technology. A sophisticated range of Reamer Shoes designed to assist casing/liner/screen running when difficult hole conditions are anticipated.

If we do not have the correct size or sufficient quantity at our warehouse at Forus, Vulcan has a large warehouse with more alternatives in Aberdeen.

If you are in need for casing accessories, please do not hessitate to contact our salesteam:


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