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Maxwell Oil Tools - Part of the Toolserv family

We are proud to announce that Maxwell Oil Tools are back in the Toolserv portfolio.

We are of to a flying start, and have completed 2 jobs already, 1 currently ongoing and 1 in the pipeline next week.

The Multilayered Carbon Cevlar (MCC) technology is bonded directly on the pipe. They outer layer is a ceramic composite in kevlar mesh. The extremely hard surface provides low friction and high wear restiance. The technology is used on tight tollerance stop collars, several designs in centralizers and even Drill Pipe protectors.

The staggered HELIX design provides excellent flowby, perfect for ECD sensetive wellbores.

The HELIX option is a populare option to be run on expandable liners. The strong bonding agent will hold the centarlizer in place even after expantion.

The Drill Pipe protectors are currently run on the UK side of the North Sea. Placed as close as possible to the Tool Joint, the protector will preservere the Drill Pipe, reduce torque and reduce casing wear.

If you would like to learn more about the Maxwell technology, please contact our sales team.


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