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New Milestone for Toolserv

Our first large Drill Pipe deilvery.

After signing the partnership with iTS Parker (ref) earlier this year, Toolserv have made its first delivery on drill pipe for a Rig Company operating in the Norwegian Continental Shelf.

This is a milestone for Toolserv and an important step in building our rental department. Our Rental portfolio has grown significantly from delivering smaller quantities, we are now capable of delivering complete rig supply packages.

Our rental department's commitment and attitude demonstrates what we endeavour to be

Your preferred rental supplier.

Toolserv partnership with iTS Parker in UK offers a high capacity and versatile portfolio on rental equipment. Several factors identified as value added for our clients are:

  • Own machine shop

  • Own inspection services on Drilling Rental Tools, Tubular running Services & Whipstocks

  • Always available

  • Reduced Operator cost by utilising new technology and solutions.

  • Flexibility to adapt quickly.

  • Self sufficient and do not rely on third party supplies.

Through iTS Parker Toolserv have access to over 6.2 million feet of tubular products and over 200 BOP units.

Our available stock on Drilling rental tools and Pressure Control Equipment are comprehensive and able to support your total requirement on all types of projects. Our global footprint and network enable us to act quickly, flexible, and effective when requirements also outside mainstream is called for. Challenge us!

Our regular Drilling Rental Tools equipment portfolio available in Norway/UK:

  • Various Strings of Drillpipe (2-7/8” to 6-5/8”)

  • Hevi-Wate Drillpipe (3-1/2” to 6-5/8”)

  • Drillcollars – Spiral & Slick (3-1/8” to 9-1/2”)

  • Various Tubing Strings (2-3/8” to 4-1/2”)

  • Associated Handling Equipment

  • Crossovers, Pup Joints and Adaptors

  • Pressure & flow control equipment including test fixtures.

Conventional Tubular Running Services

  • FMS / False Rotary / Insert Bushings

  • Single Joint Elevators

  • Centre latch / Side Door Casing Elevators

  • Belt Tongs

  • Safety Clamps / Stabbing Guides

  • Casing Thread Protectors (Klepo)

  • Casing / Rotary Hand Slips

  • Hydraulic Power Tongs

  • Power Units

Tubing and casing running services


  • Casing Running system compete with wireless controller, fill up and circulating tool for running of casing & tubing. It has the ability to make & brake connection, rotate & reciprocate the tubular string, and lift and lower tubulars into the wellbore. Top-Tek with its integrated automated single joint elevator aligns the tubular from the V-Door to position it at the wellbore.

  • The Top-Tek is a state of the art and compact tubular running system designed to ensure your casing reaches TD quickly and safely. The system can be installed on all top drives and has an integrated adjustable link tilt system, with automated Single Joint Elevator which eliminates all manual handling. With a unique gripping roller system and inbuilt safety systems the Top-Tek can extend the life on tubular, while enhancing the reliability of your operation. If necessary, the Top-Tek can also be used to reciprocate, rotate, and circulate the tubular to overcome even the most challenging conditions.

Whipstocks / Casing Exit

  • Sizes: 5 1⁄2”, 7”, 9 5⁄8” and 13 3⁄8”.

  • Ramp from 1.5 to 3.0 degrees.

  • Patented controlled hydraulic anchor activation.

  • Various Mill options with optimized cutting structure

  • Retrievable with Hook or die collar.

  • Patented multi-valve system (MVS)

  • Packer and slip anchoring options.

Pressure Control Equipment Services

  • Blow Out Preventers – Annular / Ram – 4-1/16” to 30”

  • Diverter Packages

  • Choke Manifolds

  • Control Units

  • Drilling & Diverter Spools, Risers and Adaptors

  • Frac Heads

  • Facilities available for onshore rig-ups / Pressure Testing / Refurbishment of equipment


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