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Partnership Announcement

Toolserv has signed an agreement with the Canadian company Longhorn Casing Tools.

Longhorn Casing Tools is a Calgary-based, Canadian-owned downhole tool company that specializes in Casing Landing and Well Cleanout solutions. Longhorn Casing Tools have an exemplary track record with a 99.2% success rate landing casing at TD. More then 1900 tools have been used on drilling sites in: Canada, the United States, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Russia, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Azerbaijan, Libya, Egypt, Nigeria and Australia.

Toolserv are now very happy to extend our portfolio of casing landing equipment with the Stubby, Autoset and Fill Drill, in addition to the other innovative products from Longhorn.

“We are now responding to the market. Clients have been looking to swap expensive and inefficient mud motors/turbines with robust and cost-efficient tools that will guide the liner and casing to TD” says Svein Terje Helland, Toolserv Well Construction and Completion Manager. To learn more about the products please contact the Svein Terje Helland or visit


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