Toolserv sign deal to represent Navic Engineering.

Toolserv AS has signed a Sales Agreement with Navic Engineering AS. Through this agreement Toolserv AS will act as a sales agent for conductor centralizers designed by Navic Engineering AS. Toolserv AS will utilize our extensive client network to promote the Navic Engineering AS product line, the agreement also opens for Toolserv AS to promote Navic engineering services towards our client base.

Navic Engineering AS was founded in 2003 and has been an independent provider of project management and multidiscipline engineering services to Oil & Gas market for the last 18 years. NAVIC do also offer full-scope EPC(I) offshore projects. NAVIC deliver services to global oil companies, rig owners and operators. Navic Engineering AS project services includes Project Management, Planning, Cost control, RISK management and Document control.

NAVIC has over the years, gathered extensive experience from modifications projects and is familiar with the challenges that might occur. We perform modifications on structures, lifting equipment and mechanical systems. Navic Engineering AS has a large group of skilled engineers, most of them with more than 15 years’ experience. Their engineering services covers all engineering disciplines. With this broad competency and extensive experience, Navic Engineering AS and Toolserv can deliver tailor made solutions designed to meet the client’s needs and expectation, efficiently and safe. We take great pride in our work, quality and customer satisfaction are therefore important cornerstones in all of their design work.

For more information about Navic products and services please contact the Toolserv Sales Team