Rental Equipment

One of Toolserv’s four segments is Rental equipment, which forms a large part of our Business.

Toolserv has continually invested in brand new rental tools since the establishment of our rental department. We now have a substantial rental portfolio reaching from BX elevators to SD Elevators and SJ Elevators. All Handling equipment is DNV certified and lifting approved by accredited 3rd party inspection companies. Drill pipe X-Overs and NM Drill Collars are also stocked at Toolserv.

Toolserv is proud to be the Norwegian distributor for Churchill Drilling Tools, a specialist oilfield service company delivering innovative drilling technology to the industry. Primarily by using downhole tools which are activated by pumping smart darts from surface, Churchill provides operators with high levels of performance and reliability on a range of specific operations and contingencies.

Toolserv will continue to Invest in equipment based on future client needs.