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Casing Scraper

With an exstensive trackrecord as a suplier to the international oil and gas industry, Toolserv deliveres a range of though and reliable casing scrapers. The casing scrapers are used for cleaning the wellbore for mud, cement, rust andscale, and have some unique features to ensure the durability of the wellbore:

  • Piston bully hydro mechanical  
  • Expandble casing scraper
  • Casing scraper/ hole conditioner offers unique features while maintaining
  • A strong rigid design
  • Adjustable od on piston    
  • Adjustable tfa with nozzle                                                                                  
  • Can be activated in open hole to clean cutting bed and condition well bore
  • Rih with drilling assambley
  • No need for dedicated casing scraper run
  • Positive surface indication of tools activation