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Toolserv can offer 3rd party workshop service on your equipment.


Whether you are present in Norway and need a service shop or want to expand your business to Norway and are in need of a distributor or partner Toolserv can be of assistance.


When you need a workshop repair or after sales service on your equipment our staff are prepared for comprehensive consulting and will define together with you the details of the service you require.

Scope of Services:

Disassembly and assembly

Pressure testing


Make-up and Break-out


Preservation and storage

Pipe Management


Disassembly and assembly of 3rd party equipment is done by highly skilled mechanics with focus exceeding our customer’s expectations.

Our mechanics experience covers:

Casing and Tubing handling equipment

Down hole tools and accessories

Wellhead and surface equipment

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Toolserv uses the AMC RT Torque system. The system is designed for make-up and break-out of all rotary tools and premium connections of casing and tubing in the range from 2 3/8” to 17” OD pipe. Torque capacity is 0 to 65,000 lbs. ft.

The machine consists of a fixed Headstock, capable of sizes from 2 3/8” to 17” diameter and a travelling Tailstock, again capable of sizes from 2 3/8” to 17”.


The Tailstock has a hinged “Top opening” feature to assist with the loading of tools safely and efficiently.


Both heads feature hydraulically controlled clamp cylinders that can go from 17” down to 3” without the need to change jaws between sizes.

This has proved to be beneficial financially through the lack of “down time”, and beneficial to safety, by eliminating the need to carry out the task of changing jaws.  


Toolserv provides innovative and cost-efficient services to help you solve your high-pressure test tasks.


Experienced test engineers and technicians carry out tests for you, swiftly and reliably.

Our services provide you the opportunity to determine the performance parameters of your products while still in the prototype stage and under real life conditions. 


High Pressure testing of equipment will be performed in a dedicated test cell.

13 meters length

14” OD

25 000 psi max pressure

Toolserv can provide you with the level of hydraulic testing you require.




Toolserv also undertakes pipe management agreements both for normal drill pipe and wired drill pipe.

We can manage the inventory, inspection, and all other 3rd party handling of your pipe. Dedicated personnel will be assigned your string of pipe, so that you get a permanent contact person as your equipment manager within Toolserv.

Toolserv have the capability to manage multiple strings of drill pipe for your drilling operation.


We are the leading company in Norway when it comes to management of intelligent wired drill pipe.


Our experts look after all of the handling, logistics and certification of your equipment to make your operations run more efficiently. At the forefront of new drilling technology, you can rely on Toolserv to support your business and maximize performance.

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