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F-1 Cable Clamp


Quick to install - saved rigtime

Even quicker to remove - Re-runs or P&A

Reduced exposure in red zone

Improved HSEQ, easy to install - less fatigue

Universal layout - improved inventory management

From Minutes to seconds.
The F-1 Cable Clamp sets a new standard in running of upper completion.

The F-1 Cable clamp is developed in close collaboration with AkerBP with the ultimate goal of automated running of upper completion, eliminating the need for rig crew in red zone.

The F-1 Cable clamp is designed by Toolserv to meet the rigid industry standard for the Norwegian Continental shelf.

Our partners for the F-1 Clamp is UK based HCL Fasteners (

HCL is one of the worlds leading suppliers for bands for commercial and downhole applications. The HCL Compact Smart band is perfectly placed in our clamp body to provide a High Strength, High Retention, Long Life and Quick installation. The advanced PPS material used has long history of use in downhole application, seeing H2S, CO2 and other sour / sweet gasses and wellbore fluids. 

Easy to handle:

The F-1 Clamp is installed with a customized air operated tightening tool delivered by HCL. The tightening tool ensures a correct and consistent torque being applied to the bands, holding both the clamp and flat packs in place, without any damage to control lines. The F-1 clamp is very easy to install and reduces the physical effort it used to install clamps, improving the HSE for rig crew.

Universal layout:

The F-1 clamp has a universal layout, providing flexibility for completion engineers planning for different completion solutions. It will also improve the inventory management as the same clamp can be used for all flatpack configurations, mean one clamp fits all.

Quick installation:

Installation of cable clamps while running upper completion has been a time consuming and exhausting job for the rig crew. AkerBP estimated time for installation of 7” clamps is 4 minutes and 2 minutes for the 5-1/2” clamp. AkerBP challenged Toolserv to have an installation time 40 second hands on/hands off for the 5-1/2” Clamp.

As demonstrated both at onshore test rig and offshore at Deepsea Nordkapp the installation time for the F-1 Clamp is 20-30 seconds. Fastest recorded installation in first well was 15 seconds. In a 3800 meter upper completion the 1 minute 35 second saved per clamp adds up to 8,5 hours saved rig time. If 4 people are involved in running upper completion this will reduce exposure in red zone by 34 hours. With ongoing focus on optimized operations, the F-1 Clamp will save further exposure in red zone. The video above is a clip from one of the first clamps ever installed. Running speed was 20,79 joints per hour.

Quick to remove:

The F-1 Clamp is extremely quick to remove if you need to pull and re-run the upper completion. If it saves rigtime on installation, removing the F-1 clamp is when it really saves the operator rig time. To remove the F-1 clamp takes about 5 seconds. If the clamp is removed to be re-run the bands can be replaced and the F-1 Clamp will be ready for the re-run. Removal of clamps with bolts in P&A operations can be a very time-consuming operation. Cutting the F-1 clamp in seconds can save the rig operator several days.

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