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The Screen Saver valve was developed in collaboration with Det Norske Oljeselskap for the Ivar Aasen development.


Initially it was designed to be used in combination with sand screens utilizing check valve inflow control devices.


The Screen Saver valve has adjustable opening pressure up to 200psi. This will allow operators to run the lower completion while maintaining a pressure overbalance inside the screens. This prevents ‘dirty’ wellbore fluid and debris from entering the string and plugging the screens.

The second big advantage of the Screen Saver Valve design is its metal to metal seal. Conventional float equipment is manufactured with phenolic/plastic valves and cemented into place. The cemented valves are designed for short lifetime in the well and quick drillout times.


The Screen Saver Valve is a heavy duty collar and key components are of high alloy materials. The metal to metal seal will last the entire lifetime of the well, securing no unwanted influx at the toe of the string.

The Screen Saver valve has been used successfully to complete several wells, by multiple operators on the NCS. The latest versions of the valve include designs for cementing applications and HPHT wells.

The Screen Saver Valve is patented.


Metal to metal seal

Gas tight tested to 10,000psi

Erosion resistant materials

Adjustable opening pressure

Range of sizes and casing connections

Double or single valve configurations available

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