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The Toolserv ATL (Adjustable Torque Limiter) is developed to manage the concern of too much torque transferred downhole and possibly damaging high value equipment.

New wells are getting more complex and we are reaching longer. Continuous technology development allows us to do more exciting stuff.


This opens a lot of previously unreachable targets, but it also unveils new set of challenges to overcome.

As wells get into extreme ERD, getting your completion, screens or clean up string to TD becomes more challenging, as the long horizontals accumulate so much drag force. Introducing rotation to the work string alleviate some of the drag and gives you more weight to push with – in the less deviated section.

If you could find a way to safely rotate the entire string when needed, you could reduce the risk of not getting to target. Toolserv, together with one of the major operators in the North Sea, has joined forces to develop a tool that makes this possible.

When running the ATL the whole string can be rotated until the pre-set torque limit is reached. Then the upper string can continue to rotate and the lower string does not rotate until the torque is lowered again.



A self-activating tool that automatically prevents exceeding a pre-determined torque limit below it.

A pre-set torque limit between 1000-8000 ft-lb.

Allows full string (DP running string and lower completion) rotation until a pre-set torque limit is reached, after which only the DP running string above the tool continues to rotate.

Rotation restored if torque falls below pre-set limit.

Minimum ID suitable for 1.75” OD packer setting ball to comfortably pass through.

The ATL is set to a specific torque limit during assembly.

The ATL can be permanently locked (max 15000 ft-lb) as a contingency.

Contact Toolserv for specifications.

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