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The Toolserv Indexing Sub is a full ID casing accessory which rotates the end of the casing or liner in stages by picking up the string.


By picking up the string and setting down again the tool strokes open and closed which causes the lower portion of the tool to rotate through a pre-determined angle. Multiple cycles of this action produce a full rotation of the tool.

A unique feature of the tool is that it only rotates while in tension (i.e. when the tool is being pulled upwards in the wellbore). The benefit of this tool is that torque will not be generated by the tool when setting down weight in a downhole environment. Excess torque can be detrimental to other components in the downhole assembly.

The Indexing Sub is invaluable if the full casing or liner string cannot otherwise be rotated. 
The tool can be used on casings or liners that are cemented or un-cemented, or used on slotted pipe and sand screens even if circulation is not possible. 

A reamer shoe can be run below the tool to help clear debris in the wellbore. 

The tool may make the difference between getting to TD or having to pull the string. 


ID match’s the drift of the casing or liner, no parts to drill out. (Depending on size)

Equipped with pipe/Casing threads for customer requirement.

Available in sizes to suit most casing/liner versus OH combinations.

Helps getting your string to TD, with or without rotation.

Contact Toolserv for specifications.

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