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VULCAN -Completion Products




The PHAZER™ Under-reamed centralizer has been designed to glide through previous cased hole restrictions and open up to provide a high level of Stand-off in the open hole.

Engineered for under-reamed application.

Innovative variable blade design. Each blade working independently during insertion and RIH.

Superior Stand-off guarantees improved zonal isolation.

Significantly reduced running forces reduces accumulative drag forces during RIH.

API testing and beyond, operators testing requirements will be met.

One piece robust construction, suitable for rotation, withstanding high radial & axial loads.

Flexibility – proprietary manufacturing process’ and high strength spring steel material offers a centralizer that performs equally in close tolerance cased hole and open hole applications.

Sizes tested and available – 5-1/2” - 24”.



The PHAZER™ : SR is a one piece heavy duty centralizer that has been specifically designed for gauge hole centralization, offering 100% stand-off. 

Heavy Duty One Piece Construction providing flexibility and strength.

Suitable for rotation, withstanding high radial & axial loads.

Zero Starting & Running forces.

Maximised Stand-off & Flow-by.

High Restoring force exceeding API requirements. Superior Stand-off guarantees improved zonal isolation.

Suitable for onshore installation reducing health and safety risk and reducing rig time.

Split & hinged option available upon request.

Sizes tested and available – 4 ½” – 30”.


The PHAZER™ : Z is a low friction alloy solid body centralizer designed fspecifically to reduce torque and drag in ERD wellbores.

Low coefficient of friction providing low torque and drag during RIH

Suitable for long horizontal well bores.

High strength for axial and radial loading

Exceptionally duralbe materials suitable for high temperature wellbores and long life cycles.

Bi-directional fitment.

Machineable for bespoke design and reduced OD sizes.

Split option available

Sizes available 2-7/8" - 13-5/8".


The PHAZER™ : ECO is a fabricated steel solid body gauge hole centralizer suitable for intermediate well bores.

One piece steel, heavy duty centralizer.

Suitable for intermediate well bores.

Positive stand-off & Maximised flow-by.

Free flow solid blade design improves cement placement.

Bi-directional fitment.

Excellent side loading > 20 tonnes.

Spiral bladed or Straight Blade options available.

Integral stop collar option available.


The Vulcan-CP PHAZE-LOK™ is a range of tubular stop collars designed to be run in conjunction with the VCP range of centralizers.

All stop collars offer high holding forces with tapered lead in profiles for good flow by and reduced ECD’s. For use on all types and grades of casing/liners and in some cases sand screen completion tubulars.

All stop collars are designed by our experienced Design team in the UK and manufactured at API Q1 and ISO 9001:2015 qualified manufactured facilities guaranteeing the best possible quality at all times.


PROBE™ : RS - The Next Generation in Reaming Technology.
A sophisticated range of Reamer Shoes designed to assist casing/liner/screen running when difficult hole conditions are anticipated.

High strength Eccentric Well bore seeking nose. 

Profiled nose design reduces drill-out times whilst maintaining unit strength and integrity.

Flow Ports offer 360° flow area coverage aiding hole cleaning and cement placement.

Right hand blade design offers a more aggressive reaming action.

Optimised cutting structure offers the capability to ream past obstructions with rotation or by reciprocation.

Tungsten Carbide cutting structure.

High Flow 5Kpsi & 10Kpsi Valve exceeding API 10F IIIC certification.

Single, Double & Auto-Fill Valve options available.

Various cutting structure options available, or as slick Pilot Guide Shoe.

Nose available in Aluminium or Phenolic, Concentric or Spade.

Fully drillable with PDC & Rollercone bits.

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