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PolyVole Swivel DS

PolyVolve SWIVEL DS is the world’s strongest and most durable swivel. It’s patented stackable polymer bearing design allows an unlimited number of bearing modules to be added to give unlimited load bearing and durability capabilities.

Reduced static friction

Better weight transfer for deployment

Enhanced durability over alternative technology

Safe, controlled & accurate deployment

Reduced operational time

Increased operational success

Compliant bearing excellent in bending for dogleg applications


We’re breaking the mould of conventional P&A – introducing HydroVolve QUAKE, the rapid acting cement and solids buster.

Frees casing for rapid and safe extraction

Unimaginable bond breaking power

Instant and rapid activation

Low-pressure operation

Ultra-low-torque requirement

No slack-off or overpull force needed

Fast and effective

Breaks cement and solid bonds

Mobilises settled barites and solids

Pre-treats annuli for optimised perf-wash-cement operations

Reduces operational time

Increases operational success

HydroVolve Hammer

HydroVolve HAMMER is the world’s most powerful, most controllable and most versatile stuck-object extraction system. It is simple, rapid and robust and is operated and controlled instantly using only conventional rig systems.

Unimaginable extraction power

Full, instantaneous, simple control of power and speed

Instant and rapid activation

Constant over-pull with intense vibration and axial impact

Shorter, lighter, stronger, safer

No surface recoil: ideal for shallow operations

Versatile superior alternative to jars

Reduced operational time


MonoVolve REDUCER is a drillstring sub which reliably reduces the effects of side-loading and high torque associated with rotation of the drill string in the cased and open hole. It is ultra-durable single-bodied, single-sleeved design has been developed specifically with rugged reliability at its core.

Casing wear significantly reduced

Tool joints protected

Operational torque reduced

Slip-stick & vibration minimised

Bit life extended

ROP increased

ERD capability enhanced


EvoLOG is a drillstring dynamics logging tool which can be deployed in any drilling operation to record the behaviour of the drillstring over a period of time.

‘Actual’ BHA performance recorded and reported providing invaluable vital data

Aids stuck point identification in fishing and P&A

Improves and enhances campaign performance improving productivity and reducing cost

Super-strong and robust

Ultra-versatile multi-sensor array

High sample rate

Huge data storage

Cased or open hole

Fully retained components

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