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Toolserv expands to the United States of America

In an exciting development that underscores their commitment to expanding international operations, Toolserv has taken a significant stride by appointing Michael Sorrentino to lead and nurture their business endeavors in the Americas. Toolserv recognizes the immense potential of the American market and has invested in a dedicated individual to spearhead their operations in this dynamic landscape.

Michael brings a wealth of experience being in sales in Houston for 30 years, possessing an in-depth understanding of both the Norwegian company's core values and the nuances of the American market. Armed with a comprehensive strategic vision and technical knowhow being on the corporate API board, Michael will oversee a wide range of responsibilities, including market analysis, strategic planning, business development, and the cultivation of strategic partnerships. By immersing themselves in the American business ecosystem, Michael will ensure the company's operations seamlessly align with the needs and preferences of American customers, while staying attuned to market trends and emerging opportunities.

This move not only exemplifies the Norwegian company's commitment to fostering a global mindset but also demonstrates their confidence in the American market's potential for growth and success. With their newfound presence and a dedicated representative at the helm, the company is poised to establish a robust and sustainable presence in the United States, bolstered by a deep understanding of local business practices, cultural nuances, and customer expectations.

As the Norwegian company sets its sights on expanding its global footprint, this strategic appointment serves as a testament to their long-term vision, adaptability, and determination to deliver exceptional products and services to customers across the globe. With a dedicated leader driving their efforts in the United States, this organization is primed to make a resounding impact in the American market while further solidifying their position as a prominent player in the Oil&Gas Industry.


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